Hotel Room Sex

Hotel rooms are a fantastic way to add a dash of fun and excitement to your sex life. You can withdraw from the world for a time and spend all of your energy and attention on exploring your partner…with the added bonus that someone else makes the bed in the morning.

Something I’m particularly fond of in hotel rooms is using door mounted cuffs for a little light bondage. Under-bed restraint systems work well too if this is your cup of tea.

One thing I did a while back with one of my sweeties is we checked in to the hotel, then went out sex-toy shopping for things we could bring back to the hotel with us. That was a lot of fun. 🙂

If you like role-playing, hotels are a great place to spice it up that offer a change of scenery. Set up some kind of scenario beforehand–boss/secretary, informant/spy, professor/student, escort/client…whatever you like! The hotel gives you a great opportunity to really get into your roles; you can arrange a secret meeting in the lobby, have dinner in the hotel restaurant, then go back to your room…you get the picture.

One of my favorite activities is drawing or painting on my lover, or having her draw or paint on me. Magic markers, body paints, and finger paints all work well for this…and in a hotel, you don’t need to be quite so concerned about washing the sheets after you’re done!

Bring a digital camera! Hotel rooms definitely make for good places to do a photo shoot. They can be as simple as lounging around on the bed half-dressed or sitting at the desk with your computer topless to as explicit as you like.

Another nice thing about hotel-room sex is that it doesn’t have to be rushed. You’ve got a perfect opportunity to escape from all your normal, everyday responsibilities, and you can spend as much time exploring your partner as you want to. If you like slow, long, sensual sex, you can experiment with some of the ideas in Tantric sex; find a comfortable position, move very slowly, concentrate on each other, thrust just enough to keep you both aroused, and see how long you can prolong your sex.

A hotel room is a great place to relax and have fun with a sex game.

Going with the relaxation theme, bring some massage oil and spend some time exchanging erotic massages.

If your hotel room is on an upper floor, having sex in front of the window is a fun way to feel like you’re exploring your exhibitionist side without actually risking public sex. You can stand in front of the window scantily clad in a bathrobe or your favorite lingerie with all the lights out, while your partner comes up behind you and runs a hand over your body… Being in front of the window makes you feel like you’re on display, but with the lights out at night it’s unlikely that anyone can actually see in.

When you have room service available (and someone else has to wash the sheets), the opportunities for food and sex abound. You can do something as simple as using ice from the ice machine to caress and stroke your partner’s skin, to ordering all kinds of desserts and having fun feeding each other, eating them off each other’s bodies, or both! This can even become a game of its own; you and your partner can take turns putting strawberries or chocolate syrup on your body to show the other person where you most like to be kissed and licked, and then your partner can follow the path you’ve created.

The two things I suggest you don’t do during hotel sex are:

– Don’t bring the outside world with you. Turn off your cell phones, leave any other stress behind.

– Don’t be inconsiderate of other people. Loud, obnoxious, noisy sex sounds like fun, but in many hotels the walls are paper-thin. Speaking as someone who has had to travel on business, there is very little in the world that is more unpleasant than getting into town late on very little sleep and ending up in the room next to a couple who’s screaming at the top of their lungs until 4 AM.

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